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Animated tv ~BLOTT ON THE LANDSCAPE~ Animated tv


Blott On The Landscape

1 series
6 episodes x 50 minutes
[NOTE: The video tapes for the series are 311 minutes.]

Cast: David Suchet, Geraldine James, George Cole, Jimmy Nail [as Edwards]

Written by: Malcolm Bradbury (from a novel by Tom Sharpe)

Produced by: Evgeny Gridneff

Directed by: Roger Bamford

BBC Television

Quoted from beeb...

Originally broadcast on BBC TV in 1985, this hilarious adaptation of Tom Sharpe's classic romp is as riotous as ever on this special BBC video. A thwarted Lady Maud runs off to her solicitor to start divorce proceedings and that gives Sir Giles his bright idea - why not run the proposed bybass for the area through their very own Cleene Gorge, thereby wrecking Lady Maud's ancestral home and copping rather a lot of compensation from the government to boot?

Rejoice once more in the comic capers of truly Sharpesque characters. Witness the frolics of the bumbling Dundridge (the Y-front clad man from the Ministry), Sir Giles' versatile Mrs Forthby (Mediterranean harlot and naughty schoolgirl extraordinaire), and not forgetting Blott himself (gardener and mystery man), casting his enigmatic eye over the eccentricities of the great British aristocracy.


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