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Animated tv ~ SPENDER~ Animated tv

Want to own Spender's car?
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Jimmy Nail conceived the idea for the tough Geordie policeman, Spender. Here, his highly
tuned Ford Sierra Cosworth is meticulously represented, from its menacing snout to its distinctive rear spoiler.

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Spenders Car
[CREDITS: Photo courtesy of Corgi ]

1991 - 1993

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This British police show revolves around Police Sgt. Spender (Jimmy Nail), his family and his old friends. Spender is not your usual police series.


Main Cast:

First Season:
1.1 "The Home Coming"  
     Spender is ordered to return to his native Newcastle, where he
     must  confront an ex-wife, a murky past and local villains.

1.2 "Half a Ton of Heartaches" 
     Spender investigates the suspicious death of an oil-rig  worker.

1.3 "Double Jeopardy" 
     Following a tip-off, Spender and Stick tail the glamorous Lorraine
     Hope.  She's up to something, but what? Then Dan asks Spender
     to assist another  undercover detective, who doesn't want his help.

1.4 "The Candidate"
     Spender is assigned to look after Roberta Montgomery, a Tory
     candidate in  a local by-election who has been getting death

1.5 "Iced"
     The death of a student puts Spender on the trail of a new designer
     drug and the people who make it.

1.6 "Dance, Girl, Dance"
     Spender goes into the nightclub business to try to trap the sleazy
     but  influential Palmer.

1.7 "Tough" 
     An encounter with a boy-hood hero, ex-champion boxer Mal Balmer,
     involves  Spender in a vicious world of shady fight promoters and

1.8 "Well, Well, Well" 
     Stick gets himself in serious trouble with the police. Spender is the
     only person who can help him but he is out of town.

Second Season:
2.1  "Here We Go Again"
     Spender returns to the streets of Newcastle and is immediately
     off  to a bad start with his new boss, his ex-wife and his imprisoned
     best friend.

2.2  "Fly by Night"
     Spender goes undercover in a glass factory - so undercover that even his
     boss can't find him.

2.3  "Fee"
     Stricken by an injured back, Spender is nevertheless hard at work on an
     investigation that leads him into a world of drug addiction and police

2.4  "Family Business"
     Spender decides to escape the pressures of work by taking some leave to
     visit an aunt. Unfortunately Aunt Mabel has a problem which she needs
     Spender to solve.

2.5  "The Golden Striker"
     There is trouble when soccer striker Kenny Cooper vanishes. Spender has
     to find him, but he must not talk to any of Cooper's colleagues or

2.6  "At the End of the Day"
     Spender is despised by his children when he fails to help an old man
     who is beaten by a gang of thieves in front of them.

Third Season:

3.1  "The More Things Change"
     Spender & Stick get some good new -- depending on your viewpoint.
     But bad news is never far from Spender.

3.2  "Kid"
     Spender is given a missing person case. You never know what will
     turn up when you turn over a rock though.

3.3  "Puck"
     Spender & hockey -- you know all the action is not on the ice. And it
     definitely is not cricket!!

3.4  "Bad Company"
     There is no escaping the past for any of us. Spender, his boss & Stick
     all find this out.

3.5  "Best Friends"
     Best friends tell you the truth -- even when it hurts.

3.6  "Retreat"
     Spender & Stick get some good news -- depending on your viewpoint.
     But bad news is never far from Spender. Series finale.


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